New Coupon Accessories Now Available

Friday June 22 2012 20:52

Couponers do best when we're organized! That's why we are excited to announce that The CouponPro now carries helpful couponing accessories in our online store.

When you first start getting into couponing, the most important first step is to make sure you have the right couponing organization supplies ready. Once you have everything setup with an organizational system that works for you, couponing will take little time out of your day while saving you a lot of money!

Coupon Organization Supplies You Need:

  • First you will need a coupon binder. But not just any binder will do! A coupon binder needs to be durable; just think of how often you will be carrying it with you to and from the store. It is also a good idea to get a binder that has a 3" ring (they hold more coupons).
  • Coupon pocket pages. These are specialty pages that hold your printed coupons of varying sizes. Again, these should also be very durable because they will get used A LOT!
  • Binder tabs you can write on and/or a label maker. Properly labeled coupon binder dividers are essential for any successful couponer. Not sure what labels you should use to organize your coupons? Let the CouponPro help! Our binder has ALL of the binder dividers you need, already included.
  • Printer and paper to print coupons you find online!

Additional Coupon Accessories

Once you have the basics setup, it is also really helpful to have these 3 coupon accessories on-hand: a pair of scissors, a small calculator, and a small coupon wallet.

1. Keep a small pair of scissors tucked into a pocket of your coupon binder for last minute coupons you find at the store and want to clip out.

2. Also have a coupon calculator with you at all times so that you can quickly calculate and compare prices and work out how to maximize your savings.

3. A coupon wallet is less of an essential coupon accessory, but it can be very useful for couponers who have a very full and heavy coupon binder that they don't want to carry with them for quick trips to the store. A coupon wallet is a fashionable and convenient way to keep a smaller amount of coupons organized and easily at your fingertips.

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