Best Way to Organize Your Coupons

Wednesday April 11 2012 20:07

If you're like most savvy shoppers and clip coupons to help cut costs on your shopping list, you have probably already noticed that it can get difficult to keep track of all of them without an organizational system in place.

There are a couple of methods for organizing coupons. Determining the best method for you depends on your unique buying habits and coupon volume.

Photo Credit: MissMessie on Flickr

Photo Credit: MissMessie on Flickr

Light vs Frequent Couponing

How often do you use coupons? Depending on how often you cut and use coupons will help determine the best approach for organizing them. Light couponers tend to use simple wallet organizers with a couple basic sections for filing. While more frequent coupon users outgrow wallet organizers quickly and need larger and more durable binders.

A coupon binder can hold a large quantity of coupons and make it easy to see all of your coupons at a glance. They typically have a three ring spiral spine, storage compartments for scissors and calculators, clear plastic pocket pages for the coupons, and dividers to organize the coupons by category.

Setup Dividers

Binder dividers help organize your coupons by pre-determined categories like section of the store or type of product. Dividers are wonderful time savers that help you find the coupon you need quickly. The CouponPro includes the most frequently used category names, but you can always create your own.

There are multiple approaches on arranging your dividers in your coupon binder. The most common options include:

  • Alphabetically: Organizing coupons by their name is a simple method and easy for a light couponer who shops from a list of specific needs in small trips at a time. You can either alphabetize the coupons by brand or product name, whichever makes the most sense to you.
  • By Expiration Date: Sorting your coupons by expiration date can be useful for helping you make sure you don’t miss out on any savings. You could set up dividers that say “Expires This Week,” “Expires Next Week,” and “Expires This Month.” As the weeks go by, you can simply move the older pages to the front of the binder and toss any unused expired coupons away.
  • By Product Type: If you have a wide range of coupons that can apply to multiple stores and products, it might make more sense for you to arrange your coupon binder dividers by product type. For example, you could create dividers titled “Groceries,” “Home Goods,” “School Supplies,” “Personal Care,” and “Entertainment.” That way you can find your coupons easily depending on which store you are shopping or what the mission of your shopping trip might be.


Binder + Wallet

Sometimes, even the most dedicated couponer does not want to carry around their large binder with them while shopping. Having a second, smaller organizer on hand for quick trips to the store can be very useful in these situations. Simply find the specific coupons you need for that shopping trip and put them in your coupon wallet for easier transport and keep your larger organizer at home.

Looking for a Coupon Organizer?

A durable coupon organizer is an investment that pays for itself when used properly. Nylon coupon organizers are lightweight and weather resistant so you can keep all of your hard work safely organized. The CouponPro is a premium grade nylon coupon organizer binder. It is a complete coupon organization system with pages, dividers, and multiple built-in storage compartments.

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